In lieu of  our Annual African Banquet this year, support Chwele Community Development with an evening of:



Kukatonon Children Dance Troupe
with a performance by:

Kukatonon Children’s African Dance Troupe

WHEN: Sunday, April 27th, 2014


WHERE: Tigard Community Friends Church

ADDRESS: 15800 SW Hall Blvd | Tigard OR 97223



Children – $5.00



Download a copy of our flyer to pass along.

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We Look Forward To Seeing You!

New Year Blessing for 2014!

Hello Friends and Supporters of Chwele,

Thank you:  As 2013 draws to a close, we write to first thank you so much for being part of our support team for Chwele Community Development in Kenya over the years. Thank you too for those of you who diligently kept in touch with us to verify the safety of our volunteer teams during the horrible September Shopping Mall shooting in Nairobi. Fortunately, we all came out of Kenya safe and continue to wish well those families who were affected.

Hope all is well with you as we once again approach the New Year, a time of reflection over what the New Year has in store for us. As we enter 2014, we hope that you will keep Chwele Community Development in Kenya on your heart throughout 2014. We have only come this far in this work because many of you have given so generously-thank you! Special thank you to those of you who reached out and gave during 2013 end of the year season. There is still time to give before end of 2013! Stay tuned for information about our upcoming Annual African Benefit Banquet in April. Save the date announcement will be send out in early 2014.

Highlights in 2013

Ribbon cutting ceremony - Chwele Community Development
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the official opening of the Chwele Friends Community Peace Centre

Many of you participated in our Annual African Benefit Banquet for Chwele in April 2013. We raised at least $15,000 towards community centre construction. Thank you for your support!

Summer 2013, 26 of us from Oregon, Washington, and California volunteered at Chwele to exchange the spirit of giving and community with the Chwele community. As we gave of ourselves, our time and resources, we also received so much more from their spirit of gratitude and community. We came back so much richer! On August 17th, 2013, we joined the community in celebrating the official opening of the Chwele Friends Community Peace Centre, a oasis space Chwele community has created to house income generating and self-sustainable programs in healthcare, education and micro-credit businesses.  Many of you  have thoughtfully and faithfully given to the construction of this facility since 2009. With the last minute changes to accommodate the real needs of the community programs, we need to raise the last $25,000 by end of this year-based on on-site assessment.

While at Chwele, we also partnered with leaders of Chwele to start programs for:

We now need to raise seed funding for these programs while we are empowering the leadership on the ground with organizational skills. When these programs are successfully operating, they will be income generating to promote a self-sustainable culture in rural Kenya. These programs empower women, their families and communities at large to better their own quality of life through self-help efforts.

Thank you eternally for your support and be blessed in 2014 and always,

Grace and Paul Kuto

Groundnut Sauce with Spinach or Collard Greens


This dish is easy, fast and best prepared the last minute just before the meal is served. Collard greens are a common vegetable in East Africa and is eaten at lead twice a day by most Kenyan families. Africans love to eat it with ugali or rice.

Groundnut Sauce with Spinach or Collard Greens

  • 2 bags ( 1 pound) of frozen leafy spinach or two bunches freshly chopped collard greens
  • 1 heaping teaspoon natural groundnut sauce( peanut butter)
  • Salt to taste


  1. In a sauce pan, heat spinach while stirring occasionally until it starts to boil
  2. Add peanut butter and stir until well smoothly mixed
  3. Add a little salt to taste if desired.

Wali Wa Mnazi – Coconut Rice

Wali Wa Mnazi – also known as coconut rice is popular in Kenya because coconuts are commonly grown in coastal regions of East Africa, so their use is more frequent there. Enjoy the delicious recipe below:

Wali Wa Mnazi - Coconut Rice

  • 4 cups Jasmine Rice or Basmati rice
  • 8 cups water
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (optional)
  • 1/2 TBSP margarine
  • 2 TBSP grated coconut


  1. In a deep pan, bring water to boil
  2. Wash rice
  3. To boiling water add rice, coconut, margarine and salt.
  4. On medium high heat bring rice and water to boil then reduce heat to medium low
  5. Cook until all water is absorbed
  6. Serve hot with your choice of meat, beans plus vegetables.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This summer, 26 of us (some from OHSU, Tigard Community Friends Church, and the Grace Institute) were inspired to volunteer at Chwele village in western Kenya between July-Sept 2013.

We joined in the celebration of the official opening of the Chwele Friends Community Peace Centre on August 17th, 2013.
More importantly, we partnered with the local community to strengthen income generating and self-sustainable programs at the centre in:

  • Healthcare
  • Micro-credit businesses
  • Education